There was ever only Consciousness

Th: Nothing is Everything

iR: yea

that no thing is every thing

Th: Quantum field

iR: quantum field requires an observer

Th: Yeah

iR: here there is nothing

Th: It’s a strangeloop

iR: only for the limited mind

but in Reality …

Th: hm?

iR: it is actually what it is

Th: Yeah

iR: what is seen as a strange loop by the limited perception called individual

or individual mind

Th: Well, yes but it’s self referential

iR: it is very simple

Th: So, even god is a strangeloop

iR: it is like asking what is shadow

is it real?

or is it me?

Th:It is both

iR: is there any reality in the shadow?

the shadow is a REFLECTION of me

Th: No, thats your projection

iR: it has no bearing

I do not project it

it merely appears

Th: Yeah, but what ARE you?

iR: the very light, same as you

Th:Why don’t you identify as the shadow

iR: because it is a REFLECTION of me

It emanates from me

Th: What are you?

iR: I am Intelligence itself

same as you

pure abstract

not a thing at all


everything in my consciousness

Th: These limited symbols I can’t get into you to understand

iR: yes

because they are words

and not the truth

Th: haha yeah

iR: which we Are

these words emanate like a shadow

Th: It’s all truth

iR: like thoughts


it is all truth

it is all You

Th: It’s nothing

iR: it is no thing

Th: It is me! I agree!

iR: it is past

mere memory

of what was

in that moment

Th: There is no time

iR: none at all

only recollection of the past


Th: It’s just God hiding in layers

iR: there is no god

there is only You

Th: Sure

iR: god is itself in this consciousness only

why create one

Th: Your like a bubble in a sponge of God

We are particians

iR: there is no “we”, is a collection of many

there is no separation at all

Th: There is and there isnt

iR: there is only ONE thing

called “god” or whatever

Th: I can only speak dualisitcally

iR: speaking is dualistic only

but why BE dualistic?

Th: Because it’s inherent in language

But for one, I don’t know what your body looks like, or even if you are there

iR:which body?

iR: the one that is a collection of changing molecules?

Th: Go on

iR: the one that is not there every few hours?

this world and this body …

iR: both appear and disappear

every few hours

why just the body!!!

Th: Sure, but the body is center points of perspective and awareness and potential

Without some dualistic language, you are just being

iR: yes, I am using words now

Th: Which is fine, but I am here to live

iR: pay attention to the meaning

this whole situation is upside down

inside out

Th: Honestly, this is super inneffective for me because I can only read the text

iR: the body is in consciousness

not the consciousness in the body

Th: God not god, whatever theres layers to this thing

iR: the entire dream is One

Th: Yes I know that

Yes I agree

But the particians in the dream don’t see eye to eye

iR: they don’t exist as ones that see

Th: There is dualism in the unity

iR: it is only One that sees

Th: Yes

iR: and As It Is now is perfect

Th: It’s just me

iR: no conflict


Th: I am God

iR: only You


Th: I am hitler and Gandhi and a stone in a broken glass

iR: yes

Th: haha

And its ALL LOVE

iR: but only for a few hours

and then what?

Th: Yeah, of course

iR: where is Gandhi?

Th: It’s nothing

Which is a gift

iR: yes

even now Gandhi is

and even now Gandhi is not

there was ever only Consciousness

Th: Gandhi never was

iR: all there is, is Consciousness

Th: Okay, talk to you later

iR: take care

Th: I think we share a lot of the same symbolic meanings

iR: the truth can be expressed in infinite ways

and without consciousness nothing can be expressed