This is about the upcoming book. The working title is iRealization, or How to Realize the I.

The format of the book is that each chapter has a prose section, and then followed by a set of questions and answers. This allows the material to be introduced, and then common misunderstandings are addressed. The current working table of contents are:

0. Preface

It all began with an admission, and a question: I am certain I know what sleep is, I am certain I know what dreaming is.I know, for example, in dreams, I feel awake.

This present waking however, it also feels like dreaming, and one can’t really say for sure what exactly the difference between this and dreams is.

So what is all this?

1. The Question of Reality

The beginning of the questioning, and the non-dismissal of which leads to earnest investigation.

We often have dinner conversations over long bottles of wine: what is man? Who am I? What is the point of life? What is this experience at all? Then, we usually go to bed, and the next morning there are so many things to do!

But what happens if one does not forget this question?

2. The Situation

Clearly understanding the current situation from a different point of view.

Similar to the visible Sun that moves across the sky every day, we see many things upon waking. We now know, that despite what it appears to be, it is in fact the Earth that revolves around the sun. What if our daily experience is not what it appears to be?

3. The Test of the Real

On knowing how to recognize the object one is looking for.

When one says one wants the Truth, what does it mean? Who’s version? Do we even want some authoritative “truth”, or do we want our own? Or do we, in fact, want the Absolute Truth, something that transcends individual interpretation, and is something Universal, and Eternal? What else are the characteristics of Truth?

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