The Test of the Real

So this is what happened to me.

I found myself in this situation, where I was unable to say for sure, if this was waking or dreaming. In other words, I realized that when I dream, I feel myself to be awake, with a life, and a world around me. I realized that all of that came out of me, and that in my dream, all there was, was me.

But in the so called waking state, which I used to treat as real, it was the same situation. There was no essential difference, for only after “waking” does the “dream” become a “dream”, for before the waking, it was itself waking. It is termed a dream, only upon the knowledge of it’s non-existence comes into being, which is itself called waking up from the dream.

So when I realized that nothing around me was dependable in the search for the truth, I became single minded in my mission. It became completely and utterly clear to me that no other pursuit could be of more importance.

After all, how does one continue to live in a simulation, once one finds out it is itself suspect? Without definite proof, it is faith based living. Faith in that there is some meaning to this, faith that there is a purpose, faith that all this exists in some divine sort of way, and that we are perhaps part of something greater.

But we don’t know.

And I was a rational being. 

And I had to know, to find out. What else could be more relevant to the one who seeks Reality?

What is Real?

So after seeking for a short time, I stopped dead in my tracks. When one become focused on something, one does not become unfocused. Otherwise, one has never become focused.

My mind become focused on this problem, it became obsessed with it.

I just need to know! How could one possibly live in a simulation or dream or whatever, without finding out! This whole “God” concept never occurred to me as an actual answer, it was as much a theory as many others. 

The key to Reality, had to be in it, else how could it be Reality?

And that was when I froze.

What was the word “reality” meant to indicate?

How would I know it, if someone gave it to me, or told me the Truth?

You see, I had no test for the Real!

I had no idea how to judge if something indeed was Reality or the Truth.

In other words, if I didn’t know what I was looking for, and if I didn’t know that I found it even if it danced naked in front of me, well – my seeking would never end. And hence, the test of the real.

The Test

What can one say about Reality?

One can only attempt to qualify it. Like a few things that must be true about whatever the Truth might be. Like a test of sorts.

I asked myself what questions would I ask of it, and what would satisfy me. This was when I realized the quality of Truth. Here they are in no particular order:

Was this “truth” really the Truth? In other words, is it someone’s opinion? A subjective truth that is relative to something or someone? If that was so, it was not, by definition, the Absolute truth, or what I call, the Truth.

So I was after the Absolute Truth.

Hence, the Truth would need no intermediary, it would not need translation or relative explanation. It would be Directly, the Truth itself. There would be no other support needed. No supporting arguments, no nothing, it would be the support of all else. The Truth would be the basis of all other “truth”, or relative truth, hence the term the Absolute Truth.

In other words, the Truth would be Self-Explanatory.

And it would be not just for me, but for anyone who came across it, and was desirous of knowing it.

In other words, it would not be for “someone” in particular, or only some people – the Truth would be Absolute – for All – in a Self-Effulgent manner – it would radiate itself to anyone that was ready to accept the knowledge of it. 

In scientific terms, within the sea of “relativity”, we are seeking the very thing that makes relativity possible – the background common to all “relative” ideas and concepts, the very ground of relativity. 

In a way, I was seeking the Grand Unified Theory of What Is. Except, this “theory” would be cognizable by anyone, for it would need to be, as described above. So, a kind of Grand Unified Truth.

The Truth would also need to be always the Truth. In other words, something that is Absolute Truth, can never change. It can not change into the relative, it would always need to be the Same. It would be timeless, for it could not have a beginning or an ending, which would imply change in it. Hence I understood it would need to be “Eternal”.

This was the definition then, the test – Absolute Truth would be Self-Effulgent, Eternal, and Never-Changing. It would be this Truth that explained all else, this Grand Unified Truth, something that I would know to be Real.

Yikes. There seemed nothing in the known universe that seemed to satisfy these things. In fact, it seemed to eliminate everything.

Just that last one – something that never changes – and is always the same. Every atom, every energy particle in the universe is in constant motion. Nothing is static, whatsoever. Change is all there is! So what is left?!

More coming soon…